Cape Panwa Phuket

Cape Panwa Phuket



Phuket, one of the top dream destinations in Thailand, I believe!!  Some people wish to be there and perhaps some repeat travelling to Phuket again and again and never get bored.  Besides the beautiful beaches and islands in Phuket, there are several options of gorgeous hotels and restaurants for you to choose from.  And Cape Panwa  Hotel Phuket is my choice to stay and wake up to watch the sunrise every morning for this trip.


The trip begins with the sweet things at Café Kantary in the vicinity of Panwa area, near the entrance of the hotel.



The ambience of the café is the colouring with white, blue and the wood furniture.  The café is separated into 3 zones; the newest blue octopus zone where I was sitting right then, counter bakery bar, and an outdoor area.


The counter bakery bar can indulge your sweet tooth.



In my opinion, the bakery stuff is the best while the variety of homemade ice-cream flavours is also tasty.



Let’s start with Banana Salted Caramel Black Toast. Sooo.. good and a mild flavour.  The black toast is so crispy on the outside and very soft inside; served with a caramel sauce it is a flavourful combination.



Don’t miss!! Strawberry crumble pancakes which are warm and soft, served with vanilla ice-cream and strawberry sauce.  Guaranteed DELICIOUS!












After fulfilling your happiness with sweet treats, let’s go check-in the room at Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket with its own private beach.  It has a wonderful lobby in the theme of underwater and the decorated fishes are out of this world.



I stayed at Cape Signature Suite from the first night.  The size of this room type is approximately 78 square metres. 



The room is decorated in a white tone and contemporary wood furniture design then drops in the earth tone with blue cushions 



This room is separated into 3 zones.  The first zone combines a living room and a bedroom together. Next, the balcony which has a sofa and a sexy outdoor whirlpool so I can enjoy the Andaman view.  The last zone is a shower room.



Not only is the outdoor whirlpool provided, but it also has an indoor bathtub.



This is the first day and I have had a long day travelling so I’m having dinner at the hotel.  As I remember the last time I was here, the view of the Panwa house restaurant at the hotel is so stunning and the food is amazing.



Panwa House restaurant is located at the peaceful private beach of Cape Panwa Hotel with Sino-Portuguese architecture in white and green.  Open for dinner only at 6.30 pm -11.00 pm.  The Panwa House has just recently received the Thailand Tatler Certificate for Best Restaurant 2017 with being one of the 230 best restaurants in Thailand.



The classic furniture and the tile flooring ideas all go together with the Sino-Portuguese style.


This place surrounding with the classy chairs and tables for the restaurant.



I suggest that we take the outdoor seat to feel the sea breeze on the bright day.


















Perfectly matched Thai food with a Thai drink such as Bael juice and Roselle juice.



Tonight I ordered both choices of set menu which are Central Region Platter and Southern Platter, it costs 1,400 Baht per set and one set menu is suitable for one person which includes 3 courses.  The set starts with 2 choices of appetiser which is a choice between glass noodle salad with vegetables and fruit salad.



All choices of Platter are well served in “Khan toke”.  Let’s start with the Central Region Platter which provides the following dishes: Spicy Thai soup with seafood, mushroom and lemon grass;                               

Roasted duck in red curry with grape, tomato and pineapple;                                                              

Crispy morning glory spicy salad with prawn and minced chicken;                                                            

Deep-fried marinated chicken wrapped in pandanus leaf;                                                                     

Deep-fried shrimp cakes and steamed rice.



For the Southern Platter, it includes: Stir-fried crab with curry powder;                                                 

  Fried tiger prawn with tamarind sauce;                                                                                                       

Sour soup with salmon and young coconut shoots;                                                                            

Smoked shrimps with spicy shrimp paste served with vegetables;                                                      

Deep-fried fish with lemon grass and steamed rice.   



End the meal with the desserts with 3 choices available for you to choose from: tamarind sherbet, dumplings in coconut cream and ice-cream.  These are all dishes in the set menu that includes beverage and unlimited rice refill.  I think it’s fine if you order only 1 set because it might be enough for 2 people.



Last but not least, I strongly recommend some interesting dishes in the à-la-carte menu which are Smoked shrimps with spicy shrimp paste served with vegetables.


I really recommend Rock lobster with sweet and sour chilli sauce.



Sea bass fillet with straw mushroom, lemon grass, galangal and chilli sauce.




Before bedtime, I went to use my welcome drink voucher that I got during hotel check-in.  This voucher can be used at the French restaurant called “Top of the Reef”.  This restaurant is close to the beautiful Wedding Terrace area that makes tonight even better with free wine, beer or juice.



The first night in Phuket seemed to pass very quickly and I slept well until the next morning.  All the early morning photos were taken by Ton, my husband, who woke up early for sunrise snapshots.



He took this photo from the outdoor balcony.  I was a bit frustrated that he didn’t wake me up to see this beautiful scene.



Until then, I was still lying on the bed because it’s so comfy.



Today is a very perfect day to go snorkelling.



Having a breakfast was the first thing I did after taking a shower.  This is a perfect way of life for a slender girl.



The buffet breakfast here is still excellent as well.  The tremendous buffet menu gave me a hard choice.  Various types of seasonal fruit are well-prepared with at least 5 different kinds of fruit. Moreover, there is a bakery corner, a beverage corner and multigrain corner available.



Now I’m full and seeking for some new activities.  So let’s catch the tram to the beach instead of a long walk.  However, walking down to the beach is better than walking up, much more tiring.


It’s a nice day today. Where else on this earth is as beautiful as Phuket??



Go for a walk along the hotel’s private jetty. The sea is crystal clear and you can easily see the fish.



One of the well-known Phuket landmarks is Cape Phromthep (Laem Phromthep)



There is a different feeling between night and noon.  Blue clear sky brightens up my day while I feel romantic at night.


Not far from Cape Phromthep, there is another special viewpoint.  It is a windmill and I have been here before on my pre-wedding photo shoot.


Money can’t buy happiness.  My happiness is all about whom I spend the rest of my life with.


We are heading back to the hotel in the noonday sun.  The clear sky comes together with hot weather and we start perspiring so we need to rest.



I feel totally better after I see the hotel’s private beach.  

Then I walk along the beach to the Bamboo Bar feeling a bit hungry.


The Bamboo Bar restaurant opens from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm.  This place is available for resident guests only for the guests’ privacy.


Some cool, fresh coconut juice in its shell?


Chicken Caesar Salad  ราคา 250 บาท


Chicken Caesar Salad is 250 Baht


Beef burger



Creamy Alfredo Penne in Mushroom sauce   ราคา 270 บาท



Andaman Squid & Prawn With Lemon Butter Sauce ราคา 290 บาท

Firstly, I thought this menu is an appetiser but when they served it, I was speechless!  This dish comes with fried rice.  Guess I might feel full after finishing this dish.

After that, I went for a walk once again before getting some rest in my own room.


In the afternoon, I had a chance to go round for the largest room type of Cape Panwa Hotel called “The Cape Absolute Suite”.  This room size is approximately 530 sq.m. including 90 sq.m. pool,  featuring 2 bedrooms, separate living and dining rooms, a kitchen, a full-sized infinity pool and a private spa facility.



The first bedroom is in the same floor-area as a living room.  This white bedroom is decorated in light blue plus the white carved wood wall which perfectly matches this room style.


The other bedroom is on the second floor.  I could not help taking some pictures when I saw the view of these beautiful stairs walking up to the second floor.


And this is the second bedroom.  You can enjoy the sea view from both bedrooms.  The second one is colourful in yellow and pink pastels.  Some pattern is added to make the room looks better.


The dining room and the pool are in an outdoor area, a good point for a 360 degree panoramic view from this area to see the sunrise and the sunset.


I am ending the last meal of this trip with a posh dinner at Top of the Reef restaurant.

The opening hours are 6.00 pm -11.00 pm.


I can’t remember the name of this menu because it’s too long.  But I could remember the delight of the juicy scallops paired with a mellow sauce.

Caesar Salad

Bouillabaisse “Andaman”

Supreme De Canard A L’orange

I ordered the grilled duck breast with orange sauce.  I think it is tasty and mellow.

Noix D’entrecote marchand de vin 

It’s hard to pronounce the name in French.  Let’s say Rib Eye steak with red wine sauce – it’s easier.              It’s Ton’s favourite dish.


Can’t wait for the Crêpe Suzette!!  A freshly-cooked dessert from the chef prepared right at our table  with a special technique of burning lemon and orange zest to make an aromatic caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice-cream.



Ending with the complimentary dish for all guests.


Believe me!!  Travel to Phuket as often as you can.  It’s worth going.  Many things to do and many places are waiting for you to explore.  Especially, stay over-night at the best hotel experience such as Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket for a comfortable stay during your private leisure trip.





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